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Cosmetic nose surgery is very common among Iranian people, among women it has become more popular than men. Nasal or rhinoplasty surgery is used to improve the appearance of the person and eliminate nasal deviation. The nose is located in the center of the face and plays a significant role in the appearance of the face and breathing of the human body and moisturizing the airway. Nose surgery is of high sensitivity. Because if nasal surgery does not work properly, it can cause breathing problems and airways in humans.

Dr. Seyed Javad Mohammadi performs nose surgery in a variety of ways, you can refer to the gallery section of your loved ones to view the portfolio.

Who should not perform nose surgery?


Patients with the following psychiatric disorders:
Bad disorder of the body, face and nose
Anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder
Mood and depression

nose surgery


Special Occupations:
Professional athletes like boxers, whose nose is exposed to repeated blows
Some of the arts whose special form of face and nose makes them fit for a particular role.

Those with a score of ninety-two are over. Because this change is not so obvious, patient consent is not obtained.
But a nose score below 10 with cosmetic surgery creates tangible changes and thus the patient’s satisfaction will be fully gained.


Young people who create a double burden in their family’s economy by asking for aesthetic action.
They are also advised to make their nose surgery time-consuming enough to afford them.
Rhinoplasty can be done by anyone, Dr. Seyed Javad Mohammadi Nasal surgeon using cosmetic nasal surgeries using the techniques of the day.

post op cares of nose surgery

nose surgery

Principles of Nose Surgery


When nose surgery, a series of principles must be followed to prevent any problems for the person, the size of the nasal holes should not be too small and the nose should not be too narrow; the best nasal surgery is when the nose is normal. The doctor should use conservative techniques to look natural. The beautiful nose, in terms of aesthetic science, is said to be in the middle of the face, in the middle of the third one, and in the half-fold, the beginning of the nose of the person is at the level of his upper eyelid. Nose size is very important and should be coordinated with the rest of the facial features.

nose surgery

Satisfaction with nasal surgery

When a person is satisfied with her nose surgery, her self-esteem increases and feels better than before, that is, a successful nose surgery. Be sure to explain to your doctor before surgery all your expectations. Applicants should pay attention to the issue of breathing after nasal surgeries and to know that the insistence and action of nasal nose surgery causes some problems for them and makes it possible with narrowing and small interstices of the nasal passage of the airway It is destroyed and the patient’s respiratory tract disrupted.


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