Fleshy Nose Surgery

We all care beautifully and enjoy the beautiful face. You know that today many beauty surgeries are in progress, and most women are interested in these surgeries. But nose surgery is more likely to be done than other cosmetic surgeries, and many people make their facial expression beautifully performed with this cosmetic surgery.

Surgical nose surgery is a popular cosmetic surgery, and many people who have a flesh-bearing nose do this surgery. This article will provide you with useful information on the nosebleed surgery.

A broad and unpleasant meaty nose will have a negative effect on your nose. The meaty nose is called a nose that has a low and thick cartilage. Usually people who have a fatty skin have fleshy nose. With nasal surgery, the nasal form can be corrected well, but this surgery requires high accuracy of the nose surgeon.

Additional cartilage should be removed to shrink the nose. Of course, it can be shaped by shaving the cartilage.

Benefits of Surgical Nose Surgery

Fleshy nose surgery will have many benefits if practiced by an experienced physician. One of the most important benefits of this nasal surgery is to make your nose beautiful. Also, the symmetry of your face will be well established.
The result of the surgical nose surgery

Meat dips, if done by a specialist and you will see certain results with certain techniques.

Some people are worried about nasal congestion after a nasal nasal surgery, but it’s best to know that nose surgery will be well-nourished if it is done with the principles and by the expert surgeon, and nasal congestion will not occur.

The only difference that nasal nasal surgery involves bone nose surgery is the time it takes to fit the nose. The fleshy nose is a little bit longer than the bony nose. Especially if there are a lot of changes on these noses.

In addition to strengthening the cartilage, the surgeon will smooth your nose blade and thin your nose blades and you will see a great result.

Of course, it should be noted that those who have a meaty nose should lower their expectations slightly. It’s best to know that flesh can not be fancy too much. Of course, the nose surgeon will do his best and, as far as possible, will resolve the nasal defects, and it will surely be a very different result, and your face will become more beautiful after the operation.

meaty Nose Surgery

Advice before the nosebleed surgery

Before a nasal nose surgery, you need to go to a doctor and consult with him about this. First, your doctor will examine your nose and perform tasks such as examining the passage of air and obstruction, examining the nose and blade, and checking the deviations and nasal passages.

After that, the doctor will give you the tests you need to do before surgery. You must also take a shot before the nose surgery.
Strengthening the cartilage in the nasal muscle

You know that broiler nose has poor cartilage and cartilage should be strengthened. Cartilage changes should be made in such a way as to maintain adequate nasal congestion, and the nose will not droop after surgery. The patient’s cartilage is used to strengthen the nasal cartilage. If the patient does not have enough cartilage, artificial implants are used. Undoubtedly, by performing special changes and specialist techniques, nasal surgeries will result in successful nasal nasal surgery and the nose will be well formed.

Injection of ampoule after the nosebleed surgery

After a nasogastric nose surgery, the nasal mucus is usually higher than the bony nose, and in some cases postoperative injection of corticosteroids is required.

An injection of ampoules can prevent unwanted swelling on the nose. Usually the back of the nose should have a very mild arch, which will appear about two weeks after the surgery. If the nose is swollen, the nasal cavity disappears and is not visible. This situation is not noticeable in the meaty nose due to swelling and thickening of the nasal skin.

This injection can be reduced by injection of corticosteroids.

Corticosteroid injections usually take place in two steps:

  • Deep injection
  • Superficial injection

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