Duration of Taping

Duration of taping after surgery depends on the skin of the nose. People with bony and thin nose need 2 weeks taping. People who have thick skin with fleshy nose need 2 months taping. After these times, taping reduces nasal swelling.

One of the most frequently asked questions is that it’s a problem for an individual to prolong the duration of postoperative taping. As mentioned earlier, the time of taping for thin and thick skin nose is different. For thick skin, taping can be used for up to 6 months, but it is not recommended for thin skin nose, more than 2 weeks.

Time of changing the tape

Often, the taping should be changed several times during the week, unless the tape is loose or dirty, which should be replaced immediately. It’s best to do this for the first few days of the nose surgeon for the patient to do the correct adhesion. After removing the tape, rinse the nose with a lukewarm water soap and, after drying, clean the glue on the nose.

duration of taping

Removing the tape


It is important to remove taping. To do this, hold your nose with one hand and remove the tape with the other hand. Do this slowly and with caution. Otherwise, if the skin is to be glued, the skin is removed from the underlying layer, causing extra tissue or scarring. It’s best to put the nose on the nose for 2 weeks before removing the nail polish and take it in the morning.

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